RIMPulse® Mobile Application

Patient - paramedic Tele-monitoring application

Enables patient to connect with more than 2 monitoring devices through Bluetooth at the same time with smart communication protocol without any cables between mobile and devices witch make life easier for the patient or paramedic in ambulance car.

Patient can use this application to view his ECG and SpO₂ plethysmography through Bluetooth at the same time without unplug any of the devices and without cables
Patient application is sending his location after his approval to the server.
During displaying patient ECG on his mobile phone, near real time analysis module in the application start to alert the patient with voice notifications in case of:

  • attacks like:
    • PVCs
    • PACs
    • first degree heart block
    • second degree heart block
    • asystole
    • ST depression more than 0.1
    • arrhythmias
    • bradycardia
    • tachycardia
  • battery low
  • leads off
  • slow internet connection
  • Internet connection cut off
  • Bluetooth connection cut off

Doctor Tele-monitoring application

  • Enables Doctor to make a near Real time monitoring for unlimited number of his patients in the same screen of mobile or tablet.
  • Separate screen for Events
  • Near Real time detection for diseases
  • Pause and play with one touch
  • Alerts list with time line and can navigate automatically with one touch to disease place
  • Navigate patient to my team if the doctor is busy by one click and these teams are defined and configured in health intact server.
  • Define a new team.
  • Patient status (online or offline)
  • Live chat with the patient
  • Display the real status of patient’s monitoring devices like leads off or battery status.
  • View old records
  • Display patient location on google maps
  • Enables doctor to accept and decline adding new patients to his patient list
Doctor Tele-monitoring Android application can be downloaded from Play Store for free.

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