Magdi Yacoub Foundation

About Sir Magdi Yacoub
  • Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Imperial College
  • World's leading heart transplant surgeon
    • Pulmonary autograft
    • Arterial switch
    • Tissue engineering
    • Myocardial regeneration
    • Stem cell biology
  • “Order of Merit” holder
  • (Only 24 living people hold it at one time)
Implementation at Sir Magdi Yacoub Heart Center
RIMPulse system is implemented there to:
  1. Link Aswan heart center with Cairo Clinics by implemeting RIMPulse remote ECG system and devices.
  2. Equip the ambulances with RIMPulse Mobile ECG device for pre-hospital ECG.
  3. Equip medical convoys to scan rural areas ECGs using RIMPulse Mobile ECG device and store these data to Health Intact server.
Sir, Magdi Yacoub receives Medal of Merrit by Quene Elizabeth

Dr. Moemen