RIMPulse® Remote Interactive
Monitoring System

AI-based wearable device and system that enables remote monitoring of patients' cardiac health, providing real-time diagnostic information and reporting. It captures vital data such as ECG, heart rate, skin temperature, respiratory rate, fall detection, SpO2, PPG, pulse index, and cuff-less blood pressure, while integrating seamlessly with hospital information systems for comprehensive patient care.

Remote Interactive
Monitoring Units

  • RIMPulse Mobile ECG Device: 7-12 leads
  • NoninSpO2 Device: Bluetooth-based SpO2 device
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Patient & Doctor
Tele-monitoring Application

  • Enables patient to connect with more than 2 monitoring devices.
  • Enables Doctor to make a near Real time monitoring for his patients.
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RIMPulse Server application
with Real Time analysis

  • Cloud-based web portal that stores patients' ECG, SpO₂.
  • Eplethysmography and vitals. Also, it contains smart analysis module.
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About Pulse for Integrated Solutions

Welcome to our pioneering company specializing in Mobile Health (mHealth) solutions. We are a hub of innovation, driving advancements in the field of remote healthcare.

At Pulse for Integrated Solutions GmbH, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge telemedicine and telemonitoring solutions.

Our range of innovative products caters to various sectors, including ambulances, airplanes, hospitals, medical service providers, nursing homes, and other remote medical service providers.

With a strong focus on enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality, we strive to empower healthcare professionals and patients alike. Through our state-of-the-art solutions, we revolutionize the way remote medical services are delivered and experienced. Join us on our journey as we continue to shape the future of healthcare with our innovative mHealth solutions at Pulse for Integrated Solutions GmbH .
Hardware design and manufacturing

Embedded System Development

Software Development

Digital Signal Processing

Mobile ECG device

Advanced ECG device with 7-12 leads capability, designed to transmit ECG signals directly to RIMPulse cloud server via Wi-Fi or to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. The mobile phone then enables seamless transmission of this data in near real-time to the cloud server through 3G or Wi-Fi, utilizing the smart real-time analysis module. Additionally, the device stores all data internally for a period of 30 days, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and data accessibility.

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Mobile SpO₂ system

Introducing the seamless integration of the Nonin® Bluetooth-based SpO₂ device with RIMPulse mobile ECG device. This integration eliminates the need for cables, providing patients with a more convenient monitoring experience. SpO₂ plethysmography data is effortlessly displayed on any screen, either individually or while simultaneously viewing the ECG readings. This feature ensures uninterrupted Bluetooth connection throughout the monitoring process, enabling comprehensive and continuous patient care.

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RIMPulse® Mobile Application

RIMPulse mobile application is a key component of our AI-powered remote cardiac health monitoring system. This user-friendly app, available for both Android and iOS devices, allows you to conveniently monitor your vitals and receive timely notifications about your heart health from anywhere.

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RIMPulse® Server Application

Cloud-based web portal, empowering both doctors and patients with secure storage and analysis of ECG, SpO₂ plethysmography, and vital data. Our flexible solution allows for hosting the server on a dedicated cloud server or a local server within any hospital, ensuring data privacy and control. Through our user-friendly mobile applications, both patients and doctors can conveniently access the portal, enabling monitoring anytime, anywhere.

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RIMPulse® PC software

RIMPulse PC software is a solution designed for clinics, hospitals, and patient homes or workplaces. Patients can utilize the software to seamlessly send their data to RIMPulse server while also having the ability to view their own data in real-time.
For doctors, the software provides a powerful tool for patient monitoring, enabling them to generate daily reports and analyze vast amounts of stored data. With this comprehensive software, healthcare professionals can efficiently track patient progress and make informed decisions for optimal care.

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RIMPulse® Real-time ECG

Introducing our patented intelligent ECG analysis module, a cutting-edge solution capable of analyzing ECG signals in real-time, and offline. With its advanced capabilities, the module can operate directly on a patient's mobile phone, providing smart analysis to alert patients in a home care business model or to alert paramedics in an ambulance business model.

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Latest News



Inventions Geneva Golden Medal 2015

RIMPulse® system won golden medal in invention Geneva 2015 for the whole system: ECG device, SpO₂ system, Health Intact server and real time analysis.



Oracle Duke's Award 2010

Pulse Health Intact system offers remote telemedicine solutions to the developing world—transmitting patient information and monitoring data (blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, etc.) to doctors via Bluetooth connections and mobile handsets, as well as integrating with existent hospital medical record systems.

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